How to Change Font Color and Size in WordPress

How to Change Font Color and Size in WordPress?

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WordPress is a CMS(Content Management System) where you allow to store the content on the internet that are uses for the website. If you’re wondering how to change font color and size in WordPress then you came to the right place.

How to change Font color and size in WordPress easily and quickly?

In this article, we will show you how to easily and quickly change the WordPress text color and size.

How to Change Text Color in WordPress?

The developers has made some complexity to change the color option on WordPress. So, to begin

  • Firstly you’ve to log in your WordPress dashboard. Go to Dashboard >> Posts>> All Posts on the left hand side of page .

Post - page

  • Choose the post you want to edit and change the WordPress font color. Once you entered the post you can see the various options on the top of the editor. Click on the “ Toolbar Toggle” or simply press “ctrl+shift+z”.

Toolbar toggle

  • The others sub tools icon will appear such as strike through, Horizontal line, Text color and soon; where you can see the Text Color icon. Select the text that you want to change the color and Click on the  drop down of “Text Color Icon”. Choose the desired font color from the color picker option.

color picker

  • If you don’t want to those color then you have got the custom option. Click on the “custom” then the color box will appear where you have to add the color code on the “hash (#) box “ and Click ”OK” button.

This is how it looks like when you change the text color or use the color code for WordPress post text:

change text color in WordPress

How to Change the Font Size in WordPress?

To change the WordPress text size you have to:

  • As similar as above, Go to Dashboard >> Posts >> All Posts. Choose the post that you want to edit and change the font size.

Post - page

  • Once you selected the post, look at the Paragraph drop down option. Select the text and click on Paragraph drop down box or simply press “shift+alt+(1/2/3/4/5/6/7)”. Here I have selected the heading 4.

Paragraph option

  • Now you can see the changes on the font but it will change the whole paragraph at the same time.
  • To make change in particular text, you need to edit the HTML code in a Text editor which is next to the visual tab.


  • Find the line that you have changed. For example: “Before starting, Log in to your WordPress Admin.”, this is our line we have changed but we have just selected the “WordPress Admin” to change the font. In Text tab, you can see this line in code form like this: <h2>Before starting, Log in to your WordPress Admin.</h2> .The start and end of “h2” tag is the main reason behind showing changes in the whole paragraph. You just need to move that h2 tag on the particular text like “Before starting, Log in to your <h2>WordPress Admin.</h2>” then you can see the change on the particular text which you have selected. This is how it looks like when you change the text size in WordPress:

font size change

Wrapping Up

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