How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

How to Create a Private Post in WordPress

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What is a Private Post in WordPress?

Generally, Private Post is known as an invisible post in the public which can access or edit by the authorized users. Logged-in users can able to make the post private.

Most importantly these options come handy when you want to share any information with authorized members.

The right permissions users can edit and publish the private posts and here are the roles of the following users in the WordPress Private post:

Administrator: They can edit, delete and create private posts and also can modify the WordPress site.

Editor: The editor can have access to edit, delete and create private posts.

Author: They can only access their own posts and can edit or delete beside that they cannot see the other private posts.

If you understand about the roles then let’s get started:

Creating a private post/page in WordPress

To make a WordPress post/page private, you can edit the existing posts or you can add a new post.

You can see the Visibility option on the right – side of the public meta box where you allow to edit.


Once you clicked on the edit link, there will appear three options to make your post Public, Private and Password Protected.

Private post

Select the Private option and Click Ok button. That’s it.

Now the post will be visible to site admins and editors.

Wrapping Up

Hence, this is how you can create a private post in WordPress. Now you can safely share the private content with the authorized users.

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