How to Reset WordPress Admin Password

How to Reset WordPress Admin Password the Right Way

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Have you ever lost or forget your WordPress admin password? To reset WordPress admin password, there are various method but in this article, we will cover two methods and they are:

  • Reset WordPress Admin Password Using Email
  • Reset WordPress Admin Password Using PhpMyAdmin

Most of the WordPress users are facing this problem and looking for the solution. So, here we are with successful solutions:

Reset WordPress Admin Password Using Email

Using email to recover your WordPress admin password is the simplest and easiest way. Email that you had used to open the WordPress administration account helps to retrieve your password.

Initially, Go to your WordPress login page situated at /wp-admin, For instance, You can see the “ lost your password” below the login box. Click on the “lost your password”.


In the next page, you have to enter your username or email address that you have used on the WordPress administrator account. After entering it click on the “Get New Password”.


If your email address is correct then the link to create new password sent in email and finally you can successfully reset the password. Otherwise, if your email address is incorrect then you can try the next method from the PhpMyAdmin.

Reset WordPress Admin Password Using PhpMyAdmin

To change your WordPress password from PhpMyAdmin, First, you have to log in to PhpMyAdmin from the localhost/phpmyadmin or from your WordPress hosting account.


Once you’ve logged into it, you can see the database section on the left side. Select on your database e.g. tests.

When you clicked on your WordPress database you will see the list of table. Go and click on the t_users database.


Once you clicked it, you will show the edit option. Click on the Edit option then the page will turn into the user information field.


To change the password, you have to enter a new password in the user_pass column. On function column, Select MD5 from the drop-down option. Using MD5, it will encrypt your password and stored in your database. So, make sure the function must be MD5.


After completing to edit, click on the “Go” button at the bottom. Now you can successfully log in your WordPress account with a new password.

Wrapping Up

To wrap it all up,  this how you can easily and quickly recover the WordPress password from the above-mentioned methods. If you find this article helpful, join our newsletter for more informative articles and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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