How to create a menu in WordPress

How to Create a Menu in WordPress?

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How to Create a Menu in WordPress

Do you want to learn how to add a menu in WordPress?

WordPress menu is a core feature of WordPress. It is an optimized user interference that includes pages, posts, and custom links. It can be placed in any WordPress area like header, footer, and widgets.

You can also add a menu item as sub-menu in WordPress that is displayed as a drop-down menu. It is mostly used as a navigation menu. WordPress menu can be used as a navigation menu that includes links such as home, contact or about pages. 

In this article, we’ll learn how to create a menu and submenu in WordPress.

Create a Custom Menu in WordPress


WordPress allows you to create multiple menus. It is very easy to create a menu in WordPress. Menu needs a page, post, categories so you have to create that first.

  • First of all, log in to WordPress admin area.
  • Navigate to the Appearance>>Menu. 
  • Click on the create a menu link under the edit menu tab.  
  • Enter the name on the “menu name” field. 
  • Next, click on the create a menu button.
  • Click on the save menu button to save the changes. 

Adding Items to the Menu

After you have created a navigation menu in WordPress, it is time to add items to it. WordPress lets you add category, page, posts, tags and custom links to a menu. However, only category, posts, and pages panel are shown in the default column. You can simply add all these panels from the Screen Options tab. 

  • Go to the screen options tab located at the top right corner of the menu editor screen. 
  • Tick the checkboxes in the panel as per requirement.

Note: You can also add the advanced menu properties from here.

add items to menu

  • Now, expand the page panel from the left side column as shown in the figure. 
  • Tick on the menu items you want to add into a menu
  • Then, click on the add to menu button.
  • Check on the boxes to select the items you want to add to the menu.  
  • Click on the save once you finish adding the items to save the changes. 

You can drag-drop the menu items to rearrange them in the desired order.

Manage Menu Location in WordPress


Menus can give you a great deal of control and customization for your website. WordPress allows you to manage the menu in widgets, sidebar, and footer area. However, the location of the menu depends upon the themes. All themes have at least one location for the menu. 

  • Go to Appearance>>Menu.
  • Click on the manage location tab. 
  • Select the menu from the available drop down option next to the location. 

Note: You can also choose a menu location directly from the theme customizer.

Create a Nested Menu in WordPress

WordPress also allows you to create a nested menu in WordPress. It is also known as a drop-down menu. Creating a nested menu is similar to rearranging menu items. If you want to create a nested menu, you can simply drag menu items and drop it slightly on the right side.


Remove Items from a Menu 

Managing menu items in WordPress is extremely flexible. You can easily remove the menu item from the menu when that item is no longer necessary. 

  • Go to the Appearance>>Menus.
  • Select the menu item you want to remove. 
  • Click on the Remove link. 

WordPress also allows you to delete a menu in WordPress. You can delete a menu by clicking on the delete menu link present in the left bottom side of the menu editor. 

That’s all! You have successfully added a navigation menu in WordPress. 

Wrapping Up

To wrap up, you can create a menu in WordPress by following these steps. If you find this article helpful, don’t forget to join our newsletter for more informative articles and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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