How to Setup WordPress Static Homepage

How to Setup WordPress Static Homepage – Beginner’s Guide 2019

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Having trouble to set up a WordPress Static homepage? First of all, let’s know what is static front page and then we’ll learn to set the static WordPress page as the Homepage.

What is Static FrontPage?

By default, WordPress shows automatically the blog posts on the homepage of your site which is not static. In case of business or eCommerce website, you want to show your products on the homepage at that time you need to set the static homepage.

So, in this article we’ll learn how to set the static homepage in WordPress:

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How to Create WordPress Static Homepage?

To create a static homepage, you need to first login to your WordPress Dashboard and Go to Pages >> Add New.

Once you enter in a new page, Set the title name as “Homepage” or you can name it anything and Click on the “Publish” button.


Similarly, you can create another page title name as “Blog” or anything which shows the post on your site and makes you easier to move on to the next step.


Note: Do not add any content in this page. Leave it blank as it is.

Next, To change the static page in WordPress, Go to Settings >> Reading.

In Reading Settings, you can see the Front page displays option with the Latest posts and Static page. Drag your mouse and tick on the A Static Page. It opens with dropdowns options:


Front Page: Select the “Homepage” that you created first from the dropdown box.

Posts Page: Select the “Blog” that you created second from the dropdown box.

At Last, Click on Save Change button.

This is how you can set a WordPress static page.

After creating a static homepage, you can also customize the permalink, add the custom homepage link to the menu and posts which is listed below:

Wrapping Up

To wrap it all up,  you can create a static WordPress homepage by following above-mentioned steps. If you find this article helpful, join our newsletter for more informative articles and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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