How to Add Tags in WordPress

Complete Guide On How to Add Tags in WordPress

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How often do you use tags in your post?

Tags are small keyword that is useful to group related content together. It is very important and useful aspect of most posts and blogs. However, most people don’t use tags properly.

In this article, we’ll cover add tags in WordPress.

What is Tags and Why is it Important?

Technically tag is a predefined non hierarchical taxonomies used to organize content in WordPress. It is like a small keyword that defines what your article is about. It is not mandatory to add tags to each and every post.

Examples: A post in film categories might have tags like action, romance, horror, fantasy and so on.

Tags make it easy for users to freely navigate around your website. Hence, it helps to decrease the bounce rate as well as provide better user experience.

Add Tags in WordPress 

Adding tags in your post is as easy as adding categories. It will help you properly organize your content with much less effort. There are two ways to add tags in WordPress.

Having said that let’s get started:

The easiest way of adding tags is via post edit screen.


  • Go to post edit screen and open the targeted post.
  • Go to document and scroll down to tabs section.
  • Type tag name in the box and press enter.

Another way to add tags in WordPress by using Tags panel. This method is best recommended when you need to add and manage all tags at once.


  • Firstly, navigate to Post>>Tags. 
  • Simply add name, slug and description in the box.
  • You can simply add new tags here as well as manage the old tags.
  • Once you’re finished, click on ‘add new tag’ button to save the changes.

Note: Using too many tags can have a negative impact on SEO. That’s why it’s recommended to add up to 3-4 tags per each post.

That’s it! You have successfully added WordPress tags in posts.

Display Tags in WordPress

WordPress allows you to display popular tags in WordPress. Unlike categories, tags can’t be placed on navigation menu. You can use widget to display them as a tag cloud in your site.


  • Go to Appearance>>Widgets.
  • Drag and drop tag cloud widget in the sidebar.
  • Enter the title and choose tag as taxonomy.
  • Click on save to display tags in WordPress.

When you click on a specific tag, then all similar posts group under that tag will automatically get listed.

Final Words

Now that you have learned how to add tags in WordPress. So go give it a try! We hope you find it helpful.

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