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How to Embed Video in WordPress

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Do you want to embed video in WordPress?

WordPress comes with built-in features to add video in posts and pages. You can easily embed the videos in WordPress from platforms like Youtube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

We’ll cover a detailed guide on how to embed video in WordPress posts, pages and sidebars.

Benefits of Embedding Video in WordPress 

Video increases the quality of your content and brings value to your website. The benefits of embedding video are given as follows:

  • Drive more traffic to your website
  • Helps to increase the Google rank of your website.
  • Helps your website to get more visibility
  • Improves user experience
  • Helps to get more sharing in social media.

If you are using a shared hosting plan, we strongly recommend you to use the third party service for videos. Since storing video directly on your website occupies larger resources and can result in a website crash. Apart from that, you’ll also lose possible traffic from video streaming site like youtube.

Embed Video in WordPress Using Gutenberg Block

Before we start, go to the site and grab the URL of the video that you want to embed. You don’t need any plugin to add video in WordPress. In fact, the process of embedding video in post is similar to adding images in WordPress. Follow this process to insert video in posts and pages.

  • Navigate to Posts>>All Posts. 
  • Open the existing post or create a new one.



  • Click on the plus icon located on the left-hand side. Then search Video block and click on it.
  • Next, hit the Insert from URL button as shown in image below.


  • Then, paste the URL of the YouTube video in the content area and hit the apply button.


  • Finally, add caption and align the video. Then click on the publish button.

In order to see the video in action, hit the preview button located on the right-hand side.

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Embed Video in Sidebar Widgets

You can also embed video in WordPress sidebar.

  • Navigate to Appearance>>Widgets.
  • Next drag and drop video widget to the sidebar.


  • Then, enter the widget title and click on the add video.
  • Next, directly upload a video or select it from the media library.
  • If you are planning to add video from youtube then choose insert from URL link present on the left side.


  • Copy-paste the URL of the youtube video in the box and click on the add to widget button.
  • At last, save it to implement the changes.

That’s it! That’s all you need to learn about how to embed video in WordPress.

Final Thoughts 

Now that you have learned how to embed video in WordPress, go give it a try! Hopefully, you find this article helpful to add a video to your site. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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